Navabi Plus Size Blog Awards 2017

If you follow my  Instagram  or Facebook  you may have noticed I’ve been asking for your votes for the Navabi Plus Size Blog Awards I don’t have a hope in Hell of winning the “Best Blog Award” because I don’t believe I have the best blog…! There are some awesome ladies in there – some of whom were my inspirations to start blogging myself… Or even before that, helped me to accept and then love my fat body then adorn it with things that I love! These are my top 10 bloggers for the Best Blog award:

1. Pamper and Curves – I’ve been following Perelandra online for years – since she was known as Betty Pamper. (Apart from being totally jealous of her beautiful pink kitchen) I have loved her fashion blog posts. They have encouraged me to try things the old “me” wouldn’t have done – I hadn’t worn a dress in years before I read Perelandra’s blog! She opened my eyes to the possibility that a plus size mum could look and feel stylish. Her vegan make-up reviews have also helped to improve the ethics of my make-up bag! She absolutely gets my vote! 

2. Lottie L’Amour – Lottie’s style is something pretty special – she always seems to be ahead of the trend or doing her own thing. I look to her for inspiration if I want to try something fresh. Her writing style is relaxed and honest it feels like she’s cracking jokes as if she’s writing a letter to her best mate! She also takes time to big up other women on social media. She always has a kind uplifting message. She’s definitely deserving of the award!

3. Fatty Boom Tatty – Another incredibly stylish lass! She’s not afraid to try something bold and I’ve never seen her wear an outfit that didn’t look bangin’! I am in awe of her natural beauty and fabulous make-up skills. I’ve followed her online for a long time and I always look forward to seeing what she’s going to be wearing next. That’s why she gets my vote!

4. Love Leah – Leah doesn’t suffer fools gladly! Her ballsy attitude, opinionated rants (in a good way!) and rock chick vibe make her a positive force for plus size women in a body shaming world. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right! She also blogs about more than just plus size fashion – her posts about mental health issues and being a spoonie are informative and inspiring too! She’s absolutely got my vote!
5. Secret Plus Size Goddess –  I’m in love with Tanya’s vintage style – so much so, I think I’d sell my soul to the devil for a rummage in her wardrobe! Her outfits are beautifully presented with amazing classic style dresses and beautiful accessories. She’s also a really lovely, kind lady – beautiful inside and out! Definitely worthy of a vote!

6. Kat Henry – This lass is a natural in front of the camera! She really know how to strike a pose (she taught me a thing or two!). Her smile and positive attitude are infectious. She also gives excellent advice. I love her pageant and exercise posts too! Certainly worthy of our votes!
7. Wannabe Princess – Debz was another trail blazer for me! Through her blog I began to understand so much more about challenging the notion that “fat=bad”. She managed to change my views with her eloquent posts. Her attitude to her body made me question (and eventually change) my attitude to mine. She’s had a huge influence on me and that’s why she’s got my vote!
8. Mog Plus – Kat is more than just a talented blogger – she’s a fab artist too! She uses her artwork to promote the body positive movement and the plus size community. Her artwork is beautiful, intelligent and inspiring – I loved her campaign that challenges the concept of being “brave” if you’re fat and wear a bikini! She has totally got my vote!
9. Kitty Rambles – Another multi-talented blogger! Kitty is also an incredible photographer (she took the photo of me on the Navabi awards page!). I’d love to have a shoot with her! Her blog and Instagram is full of bright colours – she’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd. She has a breathtaking smile and she’s a fellow Curly Girl! I just had to give her my vote!

10. U Can’t Wear That – (which has been misspelled on the Navabi site to “U Can Wear That”). This girl’s beauty and style was one of the first to make me challenge my own self-hate and body shaming views. I’d grown up to believe fat couldn’t be beautiful and Lucia simply proved me wrong without saying a word! I’m sure there are 100s if not 1000s more, like me, who had this illusion shattered by this beautiful lady. For that reason alone she deserves this award! 

For me personally, I’ve been trying hard to step out of my comfort zone and start putting myself out there. In the past I’ve felt embarrassed calling myself a blogger and was always a little self deprecating to protect myself. This year I’ve got to a point where I believe in myself a bit more and recognise the value of our message to encourage others to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. I feel less embarrassed talking about it in real life and less worried about any failure along the way. As a result I’ve put myself forward for opportunities more frequently, I’ve applied to be a This Girl Can Ambassador, entered a local modelling competition (6 winners and I was 7th!) and I talk about my blog more often to friends, colleagues and even passers by who comment on my dresses! I may not be the best blogger but even seeing my face listed amongst them, with a few votes of my own makes me feel pretty proud of how far I’ve come. 

If you haven’t voted yet, there isn’t much time (votes close today or tomorrow!) so please make sure you pop over to cast your vote before the deadline:


This Girl Can – I’m an Essex Ambassador!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been accepted as a This Girl Can Essex Ambassador! The ambassadors are a group of women who support the national and local This Girl Can campaigns to celebrate being active and to inspire others to get moving too! 

To explain why I wanted to be a part of the campaign – here’s what I wrote in my application:

I’ve just stumbled upon the Essex This Girl Can Ambassador info online – someone I follow on Instagram was talking about the opportunity and I instantly thought it was something I’d like to be a part of!

I’ve been supportive the national This Girl Can campaign and often use the hashtag on my exercise related photos or blog posts. But until today I wasn’t aware we had an Essex version – I’ll be using those hashtag too from now on!

My name is Becky and I’m a 35 year old mother of 2 living in Colchester, I work in student welfare in a secondary school by day and blog about plus size body positivity, self-love and fashion in my spare time. I particularly enjoy dance and zumba classes and have recently joined a street dance “crew” so will be performing in a show with them this summer.

Here are a couple of my blog posts to give you an idea of my perspective of plus size and exercise:

I also tweet (@bixxboxx) and use Instagram (@veryhungryfaterpillar). My ethos is about exercise being fun and accessible for all. I do it because I enjoy it. Not necessarily to change my body shape or lose weight. I’d love to help contribute to inspiring others to get involved in exercise. I believe that as a 30 something ‘fattie’ who manages to find the time and the confidence to shake my bootie regularly (and enjoy it!) that I’d be the sort of person who could inspire others to get up and try it! I would also be keen to link this with my role in school to encourage some of our students to take part and enjoy exercise.

After years of hating my body and being embarrassed about exercising I’ve finally managed to have the confidence to get out there and try stuff. If by sharing my story I can inspire others to give it a try and see some of the benefits of exercise (and not just weight loss – it isn’t always a good motivator!) then I think this is worth a try!

I’m off to a celebration event in a couple of weeks to find out more about the campaign, network with other local ambassadors and pick up my Ambassador t-shirt! Hopefully then I’ll be able to share more with you. 

But for now – crack open the Ferrero Rocher – I’m an Ambassador! 😄 

How to make a last minute kid’s vampire cape!

How to make a last minute kid’s vampire cape!

So, not my usual style of post, but this evening has been taken up with a temporary re-purpose of one of my dresses into a cape! it’s a dress I love so I didn’t want to do any permanent damage so thought I might as well share it in case it comes in handy for anyone else!

I used my Amy in Black by Monroe Knows (which are currently on sale for £24.99 – a mega £50 off the RRP!) which I don’t appear to have a photo of myself wearing… so you will have to make do with this picture of H wearing it in another cape style as part of her Darth Maul outfit last year:

So here goes…

Apart from the dress, you will also need a handful of safety pins and a piece of A3 card.

Turning the whole thing over and pinning from the back will look neater but is a bit more fiddly!

Again, pinning from inside the dress is neater but fiddly, so pin from the inside if it’s easier… And ta dah! You’re done!

Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 

Plus-Fun! at Plus Size Essex

Plus-Fun! at Plus Size Essex

Incase you missed me banging on about it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – last week (Sunday 9th October) Essex hosted it’s first plus size fashion event ‘Plus Size Essex’ at Brentwood Holiday Inn and it was a blast!

As it was the first one it was on a smaller scale than some of the national plus size events but I liked the intimate atmosphere and the feeling of being a part of something exciting, shiny and new! There may have only been a handful of brands but they all offered something different and of an excellent quality for the plus sized lady so I wasn’t disappointed! Here’s a selection of what was on offer:

Apples and Pears were there, fronted by their owner Liz who is not only a lovely lady, she is also an advocate for body positivity and passionate about offering fashionable clothes to plus size women. Her pieces are easy to wear and often have a slightly vintage feel so they’re right up my street! For some bizarre reason I didn’t get any photos from their catwalk show but here are some snaps taken by Kat (one of the models) backstage: I particularly liked the polka dot dresses! And here’s another taken by Essexy Hair (who did the model’s hair on the day). 

Couldn’t Curve Less were also there with a beautiful hand-picked selection of pieces. They’re a fairly new brand so I hadn’t heard of them before Plus Size Essex but I was impressed by their on-stream collection and was particularly fond of their floral bomber jacket and black jump suit (pictured).

For me, the brand who stole the show were Gatsby Lady who offer 1920’s inspired hand finished sequin and beaded dresses in sizes 6-30! I’ve read a few blog posts about these dresses (including this one by Georgia at She Might Be) and had them on my wish list for wedding outfits but ended up choosing other things. Now that I’ve seen them up close I am totally buying one for my next fancy do! The model’s were having soooooooo much fun during their catwalk show too…!

They all looked absolutely stunning! 

I jumped at an opportunity to try a couple of their dresses myself – I didn’t want to take them off!

The gold one was a little big at a size 30, and the turquoise was a 26 and I think I might size up to a 28 to give the cape a bit more fabric to flow if I was going to buy it (it’s on my “must buy” list!). I’d probably decide to wear shapewear to smooth out my silhouette but I think they look absolutely stunning! Considering the attention to detail these dresses are very reasonably priced too. I’ve also got this one on my wish list…!

I’d been excited about meeting the ladies behind Chocolate Buddha who make beautiful active wear – primarily for yoga but I’d wear it to my exercise classes… when they make it in my size! They’re looking to extend their range of sizes (and unlike other brands I absolutely believe them!) so I’ll be keeping an eye out! I’m particularly interested in the vest tops (with a double layer so you don’t flash you bra in a head stand!) and either capri leggings or harem pants. The models let us have a little feel of the fabric too – they were so soft!

I truly enjoyed chatting to 2 of the ladies from Chocolate Buddha too – they have great motivations for creating their clothing and I hope it’s a success so I can buy some of it!

There was also a very informative bra fitting workshop by  Ms Pomelo (although, regretfully I didn’t make it to her stall to talk bras or find out more) and a selection of gorgeous bridal wear from Curves and Couture Bridal. I didn’t manage to catch their impromptu catwalk show but I did snap a couple of the models back stage.

Finally, there was a beautiful selection of accessories on offer from Jo’s Jewellery, including my only purchase of the day:

 I’ll be back to tell you more about my time at Plus Size Essex but for now, these were the pioneer brands and Plus Size Essex 1! Do you have a favourite?! 


Finding the Perfect Top – Simply Be Wish List

Finding the Perfect Top – Simply Be Wish List

I recently posted about my latest haul from Simply Be and how I needed to find the right top to complete the outfit. My old black tee was fine but I wanted more than ‘fine’!

I thought I’d have a little look at the range of going out tops from Simply Be and put together a mini wishlist of the top contenders! Which would you choose? 
Ruffle off the shoulder body (in black)

Image from Simply Be website

I’d love to try an off the shoulder top and I think this ruffled piece would look super cute with my skirt. It has the added appeal that it would show off my tattoo too! I’d be a bit worried about wearing a strapless bra but I’ve been looking for an excuse to try the new Curvy Kate one so this would give me the opportunity! Sometimes it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone, right?! If i was feeling less brave I’d go for this Black scoop neck body instead – it doesn’t have the fun of the ruffle, but I’d be able to wear a good bra!

I was also drawn to this lace bardot top (in ivory) which would give the outfit a bit of a Sandra Dee feel – which is no bad thing!

Image from Simply Be website

For a bit of extra sparkle, I’d be tempted to try either this sleeveless high neck gold top:

Image from Simply Be website

Or this metallic boxy top – which looks super shiny! I’d wear both tucked in.

Image from Simply Be website

I think my favourite – and possibly a bit out of my comfort zone – is this Nude Pink sequin shell top.

Image from Simply Be website

Wearing two different patterns in one outfit is something I’d like to try and I think the subtle tones of this top would work well with my skirt. The fabric looks luxurious and would add a touch of class to my outfit. 

I’m still undecided though. Which one would you go for? Or do you think I’ve missed the perfect top?!

What I Wore – Outfit Round-up July 2016

It’s been a busy month! I started the month with the school Prom (for work) and finished it with a wedding! Here’s some of my favourites from my Instagram:

Annoyingly I didn’t get a full length photo of my dress – it was pretty simple and subtle for me. I don’t often wear just black! The dress was from Simply Be (you can see a full length pic here) but is no longer available.

I have a lot of love for this Lindy Bop ‘Emmy’ dress (also no longer available). It goes perfectly with my Sour Cherry “Balloon Girl” necklace. I feel super cute in a Peter Pan collar! 

My Latitude Festival outfit was a little bit OTT (even for me!) This was my fancy dress costume for a farmer theme…! I was channelling my inner farmer’s wife…! The dress is an old Silly Old Sea Dog one you’ve seen here before!

I wore this Silly Old Sea Dog mermaid dress again today! I’m sure it’s impossible to be miserable in this dress! I also love the shape it gives to my waist.

I’m a sucker for a busy pattern so this Apples and Pears number jumped out at me! The light swishy fabric make it perfect for summer.

And finally my wedding guest outfit – it was refreshing to try something new! 

August looks set to be another busy month so hopefully I’ll have lots more to share with you then… 😊😊


My very talented husband wrote this series of posts for our Facebook friends about the crap we have lying about at home… He decided to put it on his blog, so now I can share it with you! It’s funny AND sentimental… Just like him. Have a read…


In late 2015 I was hitting some serious, phat likage on Facebook for a series of posts in which I stormed round my house, took photos of the piles of crap I found and wrote some snooty, eye-rolling commentary.  This seemed to be most popular amongst mums; which if you’ve read the rest of my blog in which I swear about video games is obviously the exact audience I’m after.

In order to ensure that this treasure trove of snarkyness doesn’t get lost in the flood of Key Stage 2 maths tests that currently dominate my news feed, I have decided to translate the edited highlights onto this here blog.  This is definitely the only reason. It has nothing to do with the fact that writing something new takes time and I’m hopelessly addicted to frantically refreshing the stats on the WordPress back end to give me some small slither of self-worth.

What’s “interesting” reading…

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