ASOS Curve chinos

Since I discovered the joys of vintage inspired dresses about 5 years ago, I’ve barely worn trousers, like ever! Up until last week I had literally no pairs of trousers or jeans in my wardrobe, beyond leggings, active wear and pyjamas! 

So when I realised I was going to need trousers for a costume for a dance show I’m in later in the year I started browsing my favourite plus retailers for possible options… My character is a male, old style gangster and the brief was ‘black trousers’ so I wanted something that would be suitable for the show (and comfortable to dance in!) as well as being a new addition to my wardrobe. (I couldn’t afford to buy something to be worn once and EBay wasn’t offering up any cheapy options!).

When I stumbled across these ASOS Curve chinos I thought I’d found exactly what I was after! They’d pass as men’s trousers for the show and I’d be happy to wear them as part of my regular day wear. I’m never quite sure on ASOS sizing (sometimes I find they come up small) so I ordered a UK size 28. I think I would have been better off with a 26 but was worried they’d be too tight for dancing!

Top: Evans – past season, Chinos: ASOS, Pumps: Primark

These trousers are super comfortable (I was worried as I hadn’t worn trousers for over 2 years!) with belt loops (although the waistline is low on the hips so none of my belts actually fit to do up!) and fully functional front + bum pockets. They sit on my ankle – so I’m hoping that will prevent me slipping over on them mid moon-walk during the show! 

I’m absolutely head over heels in love with these trousers and had loads of comments about them when I wore them to work. I think they’re excellent value too, for £22! I might buy myself a second pair in a smaller size if I find myself wearing them often enough.

Now I need to find myself some more tops to wear with them!

Review: Avon 3 in 1 camera lens

Review: Avon 3 in 1 camera lens

I don’t tend to buy many beauty products from Avon these days, partly because I’ve read that they’re not truly cruelty free (as I think they’re still selling beauty products in China where testing on animals is compulsory) and partly because I’ve never been a big fan of their make-up. But I always have a look through the catalogue, especially in the lead up to Christmas as I like some of their gift ideas and decorations.

I found this camera lens set from Avon during my most recent catalogue perusal. I decided to give it a try…it was basically an impulse buy because they were only a fiver and I thought they might assist me with my very basic photography “skills”! I currently take photos on my phone (an old Sony Xperia) – often with it balanced in an empty mug (so hardly a professional operation) so I thought it was worth giving them a try to see what they were like.

The set contains a wide, fish eye and macro lens that screw onto a clip that slides neatly over the phone’s built-in lens. 

It was very easy to use and the results were pretty impressive …Here are a few comparison shots:

I wish I was photographing a beautiful skyline rather than the junk in the corner of my bedroom but it still illustrates how much wider the shot can be with this lens. I was sat in the same place for both pictures.

The silly face is optional, obviously! But I absolutely think I can have some fun with the fish eye lens!

I didn’t even know what a macro lens was but it turned out to be my favourite one! I love the fact that I am able to photograph close-up details with my phone! It will be great for beauty or accessory posts! 

My only criticism is that the lens can sometimes cast a shadow when using the phone’s built-in flash, which I guess might be more of an issue with the phone design rather than the lens clip. I’m going to see if I can find a way to use both the lens clip and my clip on selfie light at the same time… I’ll let you know how I get on!

Now I need to find myself a phone tripod so I can free up my poor mug and enjoy a cuppa while I take blog photo! 

What’s your best bit of cheapy photography kit?!

Thanks for reading!