Hello all! Welcome to my little world! My name is Becky and I’ve started this new blog focusing on my journey to body confidence as a plus size blogger with a passion for fashion (primarily dresses)! After years of faddy diets and hating my body I’ve spent the last couple of years beginning to learn to love my body… but, if I’m honest I still have a poor relationship with food (which I feel is holding me back a little). Learning to deal with that may have a place in this blog but it will mostly be body positivity and plus size fashion. I believe we’re all beautiful and worthy of love regardless of whether we feel like a caterpillar or a butterfly!

PR friendly – email me – veryhungryfaterpillar@gmail.com. To date, I’ve purchased everything I’ve reviewed.

I used to blog over at bixxboxxbitsbox.wordpress.com (I consider it my pre-blog – a chance to practice my skills and get a taste for what I want to do) but now I want to create something more consciously linked to the plus size world. So I’m hoping that the new name brings me inspiration!

Find me on Twitter: @bixxboxx
Find me on Instagram: @veryhungryfaterpillar


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