Monochrome with Joanie Clothing

This week I received my first Joanie Clothing order and I was soooooooo excited to try out some of their vintage pieces! I recently discovered the brand when I saw a few blogger babes reviewing some of their knitwear and liked their style. I love a vintage-inspired brand so I was keen to take a little look! 

Their website offers a cute selection of vintage style or kitch clothing all in sizes 8-22 with some pieces going up to a 26, which is a reasonably good size range. But when they claim they’re ‘inclusive‘ and for ‘every body‘ it’s a little disappointing …particularly if you’re above a size 26! I’m a size 24/26 depending on the cut or style so I was a bit worried about the fit if their sizes ran small.

After several online “window shopping” sessions I finally took the plunge last weekend to place an order! I was looking for a black and white outfit to wear to my sister-in-law’s birthday party and their sale had a couple of bargain outfit options I thought were far too good to miss!

I opted for the Betty Monochrome Stripe Dress as my first outfit choice (and a bargain for £12 reduced from £40) and also thought I’d try a Phoebe Polka-dot Blouse with a Lula Skirt as a back up (totalling £22.50 for both). I ordered everything in a 26…

I liked that the Betty dress framed my back tattoo and that it was a good fit. I was also impressed that the bow detail belt actually fit – which sadly isn’t always a given with plus size garments so this was a solid plus! On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed that the pleats hadn’t been pressed very well and it sat crumpled and uneven (this may have been because it was a return item as the bag it came in looked like it had been taped up a few times). I’d also planned to wear the dress with my frilly petticoat but even when I had it pulled up to my boobs it sat too long under the skirt (above, right) and looked a bit silly! To be fair to the dress, though the fabric is quite firm so it has a bit of shape to it without the petticoat (above, left) so I would probably be happy to wear the dress without it. However…the whole reason for buying this dress was because I wanted to wear a petticoat with it so it was different to this one (below, right) from Everything £5… Without the petticoat and the neat boxy pleats they’re a bit samey… 😟 so, regretfully I’m thinking of returning it.

So I had high hopes that my back up selection would be a winner!

I really wanted to love this outfit, but I didn’t. The pleats of the skirt weren’t crisp enough, yet again! In fact this time they weren’t even very evenly spaced. The shape of the skirt didn’t look very A-line on my body because my hips seemed to mess up the intended silhouette (I have other skirts and dresses that don’t do this so I know I’m not expecting the impossible!). The blouse is kind of cute, though. It fits nicely (although there is some bra peep-age at the arm holes) and was a steal for just £7.50! The pussybow is detachable (I think) which handy because the way it sits under the collar pulls the collar out of shape so I think it will look better without it. I might even make a little bow out of the fabric that I can pin at the collar if I fancy… I’ll have to keep an eye out for a skirt to go with it now.

So, my first Joanie Clothing experience was a bit of a mixed bag. I love the way the clothes look on their site. The pieces I bought all fitted OK and we’re made of good quality fabric. Sadly the creases in the pleated items have put me off a little so I might be more selective when shopping with them in future. I haven’t been put off yet – mainly because they offer sensibly priced cute, vintage-inspired fashion in a size that fits me and I believe everyone deserves a second chance! 😊

…and I’m still on the hunt for my perfect black and white party dress! 


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