Review: Avon 3 in 1 camera lens

Review: Avon 3 in 1 camera lens

I don’t tend to buy many beauty products from Avon these days, partly because I’ve read that they’re not truly cruelty free (as I think they’re still selling beauty products in China where testing on animals is compulsory) and partly because I’ve never been a big fan of their make-up. But I always have a look through the catalogue, especially in the lead up to Christmas as I like some of their gift ideas and decorations.

I found this camera lens set from Avon during my most recent catalogue perusal. I decided to give it a try…it was basically an impulse buy because they were only a fiver and I thought they might assist me with my very basic photography “skills”! I currently take photos on my phone (an old Sony Xperia) – often with it balanced in an empty mug (so hardly a professional operation) so I thought it was worth giving them a try to see what they were like.

The set contains a wide, fish eye and macro lens that screw onto a clip that slides neatly over the phone’s built-in lens. 

It was very easy to use and the results were pretty impressive …Here are a few comparison shots:

I wish I was photographing a beautiful skyline rather than the junk in the corner of my bedroom but it still illustrates how much wider the shot can be with this lens. I was sat in the same place for both pictures.

The silly face is optional, obviously! But I absolutely think I can have some fun with the fish eye lens!

I didn’t even know what a macro lens was but it turned out to be my favourite one! I love the fact that I am able to photograph close-up details with my phone! It will be great for beauty or accessory posts! 

My only criticism is that the lens can sometimes cast a shadow when using the phone’s built-in flash, which I guess might be more of an issue with the phone design rather than the lens clip. I’m going to see if I can find a way to use both the lens clip and my clip on selfie light at the same time… I’ll let you know how I get on!

Now I need to find myself a phone tripod so I can free up my poor mug and enjoy a cuppa while I take blog photo! 

What’s your best bit of cheapy photography kit?!

Thanks for reading!