So, not my usual style of post, but this evening has been taken up with a temporary re-purpose of one of my dresses into a cape! it’s a dress I love so I didn’t want to do any permanent damage so thought I might as well share it in case it comes in handy for anyone else!

I used my Amy in Black by Monroe Knows (which are currently on sale for £24.99 – a mega £50 off the RRP!) which I don’t appear to have a photo of myself wearing… so you will have to make do with this picture of H wearing it in another cape style as part of her Darth Maul outfit last year:

So here goes…

Apart from the dress, you will also need a handful of safety pins and a piece of A3 card.

Turning the whole thing over and pinning from the back will look neater but is a bit more fiddly!

Again, pinning from inside the dress is neater but fiddly, so pin from the inside if it’s easier… And ta dah! You’re done!

Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 


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