ASOS Curve Wiggle Cut Out Back Dress Review

Yesterday I spent the day with my family (sans kids) celebrating my youngest cousin tying the knot. It was a truly beautiful day! Knowing that I’d be spending the day child-free meant I didn’t have to worry so much about getting smeared in child goo so I decided to risk it and go for this ASOS pale blue wiggle dress. (currently in the sale reduced to £29).

Last week I talked about the not so constructive feedback about this particular choice of outfit so today I’m going to just focus on showing you how it looked and giving a little review so you can draw your own conclusions! 😊

When the dress arrived it was rather creased – I kind of hoped these would drop out so I kept it hanging up for well over a week with no joy. So I had to dig out the iron. The care label said to iron on a low heat, on reverse without steam. This had no affect whatsoever so I took a gamble and gradually turned the iron up. 3 attempts – up to a medium heat (and a burnt arm) and a steamy bathroom made little difference to the dress so I had no option but to wear it creased. 😞 I think it looked alright but it wasn’t the high-end, slick look I was hoping for (perhaps my hopes were a bit high for a £42 dress reduced to £29 but I like seeking out bargains to achieve champagne chic on a beer budget!).

This is the first time I’ve got my husband to take photos for my blog – and he makes me laugh A LOT and he got me pratting about! I liked the silly/laughing photos more than the traditional poses so I kept them in! 

As well as the crease issues, I also managed to rip the front slit on the front of the dress along the seam. The dress wasn’t tight at all (I’d upsized because I thought it looked better being slightly baggy) so it was a bit annoying that it tore so easily. The material (or maybe the stitching) didn’t have much stretch to it and was a bit too flimsy in my opinion – which is a real shame.

I styled the dress with a pair of sparkly peep toe heels I bought for £4 off eBay (similar here – although not quite as cheap!)… 

…this beautiful clutch bag…

…and an old long-line necklace…

…and vintage hair combs (which I wore for my own wedding almost 8 years ago!)

I totally forgot to take any more photos from the back so this will have to do!

I loved the style and overall look of the dress, particularly the cut out back which framed my tattoo and the hang of the sleeves. I think I’d like it better if it had been made in a heavier fabric with a bit of stretch. Overall I loved the look and it was nice to try something different to my usual vintage inspired swing dress look!


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