I’ve been on the Hunt for a few weeks for a new vintage-inspired frilly petticoat to go under some of my dresses… I already have a black one by “Lindy Bop” which does the job but it’s a bit scratchy on my legs which I find irritating. It’s also a bit on the tight side so can be a little bit hot and sweaty – not the look I was going for!

I was hoping I could find a soft, frilly white petticoat in a true to size 24/26 so it would be on the looser side. Ideally I wanted to spend less than Ā£40. I was planning to wear it under this Silly Old Sea Dog dress as part of my farmer fancy dress outfit for Latitude Festival in Suffolk this weekend:

Finding something suitable wasn’t as easy peasy as I’d anticipated…šŸ˜Ÿ
I tried all of the usual plus size online retailers but most either only went up to a size 22 or were currently out of stock. I was a bit wary of getting something off ebay in case it wasn’t very good quality or wouldn’t be delivered on time so thought I’d try my luck with my old favourite – Etsy to see if there was someone who could make me one.

I found a vintage clothing seller who was selling plus size petticoats – My Vintage, although listed as ‘handmade’ (in order to get around Etsy’s listing system) the item description  of the petticoat I chose indicated that it was a brand new tagged item. I also knew that although the Ā£35 price tag should offer a reasonable level of quality it wouldn’t cover the cost of a handmade petticoat so was happy with that as long as it met my brief. 

When it arrived I was very disappointed. It was too small (I’d say much closer to a 20 or smaller) and also damaged:

It was also rather scratchy… šŸ˜ž fortunately the lady I messaged at My Vintage was apologetic and was willing to accept a return/refund. I’d definitely look at buying other items from them again – just not their petticoats!

So it was back to the drawing board. Feeling like I was running out of options I was forced to give eBay another look. I found this ‘Banned’ petticoat in a 5xl (size 24) for just shy of Ā£40 with free postage (making it the same total price as the last one). 

This one was everything I was after! Soft, full, not too tight. It felt light and airy and not at all scratchy! It was almost too nice to wear to a festival! But I did…!
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a good full length photo so you’ll have to imagine how amazing the petticoat looked… But trust me – it looked awesome! šŸ˜„ 

Here’s the best I’ve got, and it really doesn’t do it justice!:

(we were dressed as farmers… I was a farmers wife…!)

I’m hoping to wear it again in a few weeks under one of my new Lindy Bop dresses but I might have to try and wash the festival smell out of it first! šŸ˜·


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