Curly Girl Up-Do: Gibson Tuck

Hi all! If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen me fiddling about with my hair, having a go at an ‘up-do’ in preparation for a few events I’m going to this year (a couple of weddings, day at the races for example). Now that I’ve been a fully committed curly girl for about a year I’m reluctant to undo the good work by reaching for the straighteners (I’m not ruling it out completely yet though!) so I’ve started to explore some alternative options.

I’d be happy going with my hair down if I could guarantee my curls would behave but in order to ensure that they’re looking their best I’d have to do my full curly girl method on the day. The timing and logistics of one of the weddings means I won’t have time for all of that!

So I’ve been looking for simple, quick and easy to replicate up-dos to practice and try to perfect. A fellow curly girl suggested the Gibson Tuck, which seems to tick all of my boxes – plus it’s a vintage style so it works well with loads of my vintage inspired outfits! I read and watched a few how-to blogs and vlogs – The Freckled Fox has both the headband method and the tuck in the ponytail & kirby grip it method which are really easy to follow!

I tried both methods:

1st attempt: hairband method

First I tried the hairband method – it seemed easier than the other one although I found it difficult to place the band and to get my hair to lie flat!

1st attempt: grips method

I then tried the kirby grip method, which looked much more neat and tidy but I definitely needed a bit more practice!

2nd attempt: grips

The next attempt went brilliantly! I was really impressed with how neat it looked and had loads of complements at work! The beautiful Rosadior flower hair accessory sits neatly on the tuck (and hides any sticky out bits!!). Starting the twists from the parting helped to make the front look nice too!  I’m pretty impressed with how good it is looking already!

I definitely think the Gibson Tuck is my new favourite up-do! Have you tried it? Do you have any other curly hairstyles you think I should try?

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (Eden)

Evening all! I’m so sorry for my lack of posts lately (pretty much all of May…!) it wasn’t planned. Life kind of got in the way and I lost my blogging mojo a bit.

But here I am!

As some of you may have read I’ve begun my quest to wear make up like a grown up which has now also morphed into trying to find cruelty free options for my make up bag. I’m not completely cruelty free yet but as my old favourites run out I’m replacing them with cruelty free alternatives.

The latest item that needed replacing was my eyeliner. I’m a vintage girl at heart and know that my eyes are probably my best feature so a cats eye flick is my go-to. If I could wear only one make-up item forever it would be eyeliner! So when my Benefit* ‘They’re Real’ liner ran out I looked for an alternative. (*they’re not truly cruelty free because they sell products in China where laws require testing on animals for beauty products. They also p*ssed me off when they posted a bodyshaming “joke” on their Instagram a while ago so I don’t want to give them my money anymore!) I decided to try the Nars eye paint in ‘Black Valley’ as I’d seen good reviews and fancied challenging my free-hand skills again!

I found the eye paint easy to apply but found it difficult to keep it from sliding off my (oily) lids over the course of the day – leaving me with panda eyes by lunchtime. Not the look I was going for…!

In order to try and get my new liner to play ball I thought I’d give a primer a go. The reviews I’d seen (like this one) spoke highly of Urban Decay primers’ staying power so I thought I’d give it a try! The lady in Debenhams did an amazing job of convincing me that combining the primer with their makeup setting spray that I bought that too!


So here are the results (although it’s difficult to see from the photos!):


I was impressed that I still had an eyeliner line 11 hours after application – a first with this liner for me! Even after a (very) sweaty Street Dancersize class there’s still a slight flick and NO PANDA EYES!! I didn’t expect there to be anything left but a smudgy mess after a sweat-fest (expecting better than that would take an industrial-strength miracle!) so I’m pretty happy with the results.

The combination of liner, primer and hold spray is comparable to my old Benefit favourite – but without the half hearted anti-animal testing claims! It’s a shame it requires 3 products instead of just the one though. But it’s a reasonable compromise for the sake of staying cruelty free. Plus, the tiny amount of primer (less is definitely more!) and eyeliner used means they’re likely to last a long time so as long as they don’t dry out too quickly the combination offers fairly good value for money!

Have you tried a good cruelty free liner or primer?! I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Thanks for reading. 😊