April ’16 – #WhatIWore

This is just a quick review post of the outfits I wore this month. April brought us some pretty miserable weather so the tights and leggings have remained a necessary element of everything I’ve worn this month! Fortunately we’ve also had some sunny spells so the sunglasses have made the occasional appearance!


I haven’t taken as many #ootd (outfit of the day) photos as I’d liked, mainly because mornings in our house can be pretty manic! So this is a selection of the outfits I’ve actually managed to photograph!


Black dress with flower print – Primark (past season)


Test card dress – Interrobangart
Turquoise check dress – TK Maxx (past season)


Black and white polka-dot Matilda dress – Lindy Bop
Cat cardigan – Voodoo Vixen (still available on eBay)


Black and white striped dress – Everything 5 Pounds (I can’t find the dress on there now… 😞 But I’m selling one on EBay in as size 26-28!)

Here’s hoping May will bring with it a few more sunny, warm days and even an occasional night out! 😄


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