Aspiring for Flawless: Too Faced No Makeup Makeup

One of my 16 in 16 aims for 2016 was to get better at applying make-up. I’m generally a bit lazy about wearing make-up and tend to stick to eyeliner and mascara to get me through day-to-day. I’ve been blessed with a good complexion so never really bothered with foundation or face make-up very often (and when I did it tended to be the wrong shade!) but now I’m in my mid-thirties I’m starting to notice I’m not quite as fresh faced as I once was. So I began to have a little look around for something to get me started with this whole flawless, fresh faced minimal look… I had literally no idea!

Since I read that Benefit aren’t truly cruelty free I decided to look at the alternatives Cruelty Free Kitty recommended and decided I liked the look of Too Faced, mainly for the silly names and pretty packaging (I told you I had no idea!!) But also because they’re a vegan brand, which really appeals to me! Somehow I stumbled across their “Secret to No Makeup Makeup” palette on eBay and thought it would be an excellent starting place!

Once it arrived I couldn’t wait to get it open and have a look! The tin is very cute (with a magnetic closure) and has an insert with techniques on how to apply it (perfect for a total novice like me).


Here are my first couple of attempts at using it:


Sorry about the frowny face (below, top left), I went out in the sun for good lighting and my winter eyes hadn’t adjusted! It shows the makeup well though!


Bottom left is about 4 or 5 hours after application – there’s still some there but not looking quite as fresh!

So far I’ve just used the pallet on its own with no base underneath – I think I probably need a tinted moisturiser or light foundation to create a better flawless look. I also haven’t got any brushes yet(!) so this was achieved with my finger and a blendy egg makeup sponge – not bad, hey?! (brushes have been ordered now!) 😂

I’ve tried everything in the pallet, I’m not sure what I should be using to apply some of the creamy products yet but the bronzing veil and the powder blusher blend well with my trusty egg! I love the subtle sheen of the bronzing veil – and it isn’t too dark or orange!

I think this is possibly my new make-up bag staple… Although it doesn’t look like Too Faced sell it anymore so I guess I might be out of luck…!

In the meantime I’ll be enjoying my new found makeup friend, especially when my brushes arrive!

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