Elomi Energise Sports Bra – Out with the Old, in with the New!

Last week I decided my poor old sports bra was not quite giving me the support it once did… I was feeling a bit more jiggle in boob area than I’d been used to!

I’ve talked about being a big fan of the Elomi Energise sports bra in a previous post, but I’ll elaborate: it offers excellent support to my 40HH mammas, with underwire that goes beyond the breast tissue and 4 hooks on the band. The straps can also be clipped together to make a racer back which gives even more support. I was finally star jumping without fear! I was also amazed by how well the first one had lasted – I’ve been wearing it up to 4 times a week for roughly 2 years and it’s probably the only time the underwire hasn’t escaped through a weak spot! With all that in mind I decided not to tempt fate by trying something new and being disappointed so I just to buy the same one again! 😊

When I put the replacement bra on I could feel just how stretched out the old one was!

Here’s a couple of not very well lit pictures to show you how stretched out the old cranberry one is in comparison to the new black one:

The pics below are after I’ve worn the black one twice, so it’s not lying completely flat but you can see a big difference!

You can even see the underwire has bent out a bit in this one… (what can I say, my boobs + gravity is a powerful combination!)
I have no idea of the expected ‘shelf life’ of a good sports bra so I asked a couple of my favourite big boobed exercising blogger babes how often they replace theirs. George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Kat from The World through Kat’s Eyes both said it depends on the bra but usually when they start to feel loose or the wires poke out. Both ladies said they have several on rotation so it’s difficult to tell! I think we all agree that you get a lot more out of a bra if you look after it: handwashing and reshaping regularly. A well-fitted bra will also serve you longer as it’s supporting in all the right areas rather than one element (e.g. the straps) over compensating and getting stretched out too quick.

I’ve discovered 2 key points as a result of comparing the old and the new:
1. You shouldn’t wait for the underwire to poke you in the eye before you replace your sports bra! It’s about the all round support.
2. Elomi make a pretty robust and long lasting sports bra – well worth the money!

Here’s a post-workout selfie, taken after my first class in my new bra:


I love a new sports bra – I won’t be waiting so long for the next one!

Do you have a go-to sports bra brand?! Just in case I decide to mix it up!! 😂


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