What I Wore – Easter Sunday with Silly Old Sea Dog

Before I get started on my actual post I wanted to offer a quick explanation for my lack of posts lately. I kind of lost my mojo for a bit, after a spate of illness (nobody feels like dressing up and taking pics when you’re coughing and snotting in epic proportions!) and then the last few weeks at work have gleaned every last glimmer of motivation! I love my day job but it can be both physically and mentally draining at times. I also hit a bit of a crisis of confidence (which I might tell you about another time). So I really haven’t felt up to writing anything – hence the unscheduled break!

But today I decided to dress up a little, in my ‘Sunday Best’ for a bit of Easter family time (We’re not religious, so our celebrations of Easter really is about spending time with family and food)!

Just after Valentines day I snapped up my fourth Silly Old Sea Dog dress (the first with sleeves!) in their sale… It was a steal at £50 (less than half the original selling price). I ordered a 24 this time as I have a 22 in a different style and print but it’s a little snug, and a 26 that I took in and altered the straps.

And here it is…(with the first bare legs of the year!!)




I absolutely love the length and fullness of the skirt. The sleeves fit my arms perfectly and although the neckline is a little loose on me, it’s preferable to being restrictive!


I teamed the dress with a simple white cardigan and a little bunny necklace (I don’t know where it’s from as it was a gift from my husband).

I can see me wearing this dress loads over the coming season and on colder summer days… As with most of my dresses, it’s often the centrepiece of the outfit which means I can be lazy when it comes to accessories or it can be dressed up if I really want to make a statement! I’ve already got it earmarked for my Latitude Festival wardrobe!

I’m a huge fan of Silly Old Sea Dog and their beautifully made dresses and although I’ve only ever bought their items in the sale I absolutely think they are worth the full price. (Unfortunately that’s more than I can afford right now.) There are some I’ve missed out on because they never made it to the sale and I’ve had to live with the regret!

Take a look at their awesome dresses if you haven’t already – but I’ve warned you, they’re gorgeous! 😍


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