Curly Girl Adventure (part 3) – the journey so far

Just wanted to give you a quick update with the old curly hair thing… I recently posted my long-time-ago “before” picture on Instagram – before I had my long locks cut down to a bob in order to donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children who have lost their hair. I went from this to this:


Back then I knew nothing about the Curly Girl method (here’s a comprehensive description) and had no idea that my hair had the potential to be curly! I believed I had slightly wavy, frizzy hair which I either wore up or straightened. I’d almost forgotten how it looked ‘au naturel’… But looking at the photos now I can see the potential (and the damage caused by brushing, straightening and shampooing for years 🙈🙈🙈).

I’ve been following the no-shampoo co-wash “curly girl” method since last summer and this is what my hair is like now:




I’m still perfecting my routine (hence the regular blog updates!)- I’ve been trying different conditioners for my co-wash and trying different combinations of leave-in products (conditioners, curl creams, gels and jojoba oil). Yesterday I tried a new conditioner and used it as both the co-wash and leave-in – I was pretty impressed with the results:


There’s definitely an element of trial and error trying to find the right products to use (that are both Curly Girl approved*, give the best curl definition and minimise frizz) it can take a while to find what works. Seeing what others have managed to achieve means I’m always striving for better! But the biggest plus for me is that it makes mornings so easy not having to straighten! I’ve become a bit of a product addict now, though… Which makes a refreshing change to buying dresses, I guess!

(*the list of products I use as a guide was from a by invitation Facebook group so I tried to find a public alternative. I haven’t checked the list is completely accurate, but it looks fine on first glance!)

Have you tried the curly girl method?! Does it seem like too much effort to you?!


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