Denim Dress-up!

Oh my goodness! I’m soooooooo sorry for my blogging absence! It’s due to a combination of things… Mainly illness and bad lighting taking the wind out of my blogging sails… But I’m back!!
A while ago I bought this Sprinkle of Glitter denim dungaree dress from Simply Be… After few years of avoiding denim (specifically jeans), I thought I’d give this a go as an opportunity to dip my toe again whilst still sticking to my preferred dress-shaped silhouette! I’ve worn it quite a bit with various combinations of tops/tights/leggings so thought I’d do a little post to give you a little bit of inspiration!







I love the versatility of this dress, it’s proof that the casual denim look can still be modern and stylish! Most of the tops in my outfits are old ones I’ve had for years, some of which I’d stopped wearing regularly. The turquoise hoodie and the My Little Pony sweater are both a little shorter in the body than I’d usually like, so wearing them under the dungaree dress means I don’t feel like my tummy is exposed!! For more details of my outfits you can check out my Instagram. Thanks for looking! 😊


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