The power of Love (and excellent present buying!)

Those of you who already follow me on Instagram might have already seen my outpouring of love for the dress my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas this year!

I hadn’t even told him about a particular dress I was pining for after seeing the beautiful Sarah (Plus Size and Proud) wearing on Instagram:


I didn’t leave subtle hints, or even unsubtle ones! I didn’t mention Interrobangart to him at all. Or that we followed eachother on Instagram!

But somehow he stumbled across her amazing collection on Etsy (we both buy a lot of presents from UK independent makers on there) and picked out The Dress! He even managed to get the right size and everything!!! He’s always managed to buy lovely, thoughtful gifts but this was almost like he’d read my mind!

The dress is already a wardrobe staple. I’ve pretty much worn this dress constantly since Christmas – as soon as it’s out of the wash! Here’s how I’ve been styling it:





It’s really comfortable and has plenty of stretch – thanks to the elasticated ruching on the back (I’m not usually a fan of elastication but it does help to get a good, comfortable fit!). It’s the perfect length on me (I’m about 5’7″ and wearing a 22) and has held it’s colour in the wash. The bright blocky test card pattern is a perfect backdrop for funky accessories – It can be dressed up or left casual with a pair of leggings and trainers. It will effortlessly transition all seasons – I am totally in love with it!

I’m already eyeing up future designs I’d like (this one seems quite apt!) I’d absolutely recommended checking out her collection for yourself! (dresses can be found here)

So, my husband earned himself a whole heap of husband achievement points for this particular purchase! 😍 But, in the interest of balance – here’s his account of a bit of a parenting fail!!

Thank you JollyNiceSoup – you did a fab job. Xxx


One thought on “The power of Love (and excellent present buying!)

  1. Oh my goodness, that print is AMAZING! And it looks so, so good on you! (Especially with the elf shoes! Hehe!) I’ve been following her on Instagram for ages and have stalked her etsy shop many a time but never quite completed the purchase. You’ve convinced me that once I’ve been paid for some work, it might just me time to pick up one of the cute print skirts. 🙂 You really do look incredible in it!


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