My Curly Girl Adventures (Part 2)

Back in August (on my old blog) I wrote about my newly discovered curly hair! I was only about 2 weeks in to the Curly Girl routine at the time… so, fast forward to now and I’m approaching 6 months as a conditioner only “no-poo” lass! It seems like it’s a good time for an update!

After bumbling away with various websites and a very useful Facebook group, I asked for the Curly Girl handbook for Christmas and Santa was happy to oblige! (I bet he co-washes that beard!)


I’m still reading up and honing my routine to get the best out of my curls. I’ve discovered I probably have s-waves so now I’m leaving very little conditioner on my hair after co-washing (as it can be too heavy on waves) and using gel to define and encourage the curl. So this is my current step-by-step routine…
1. Wet, conditioner, scrub


In the shower, I wet my hair and slather on a palm-full of sulfate and silicone free conditioner. I’m still trying various brands to see what works best for my hair. I like Ultimate Blends coconut (a bit of a staple product for me as it’s often on offer and is easily available), Yes To Carrots/Cucumber (bit more expensive and only sold in Boots locally but it smells lush and does wonders with my locks!) and Kind Natured (pictured above, bought from Boots) – which I used today.
I use small circular head scrub/massage to cleanse the scalp and hair. This can take a while, but as I’m washing less frequently it’s no bother. I then rinse completely.
2. Scrunch and plop
I add a small amount of conditioner (I use the same one as before) to the ends of my hair by scrunching to encourage the curl. I then wrap up my hair in a t-shirt (so I resemble Camilla Batmanghelidjh) for about an hour (still experimenting with time) to dry a little.


This method of drying is referred to as “plopping”…
3. Gel-tastic!
Once my hair is no longer sopping wet and starting to curl, I scrunch in a small palm-full of gel to coat and define the curls.


Then I loosely wrap my hair in a head scarf when I go to bed so my hair can dry over night.


This usually falls off in the night… 😊
In the morning, I just scrunch out any hard bits of gel and find the best place for my parting (depending on where the curls are). Here’s the final results:




What do you think?! Have you tried this method? Do you have any advice or tips?


4 thoughts on “My Curly Girl Adventures (Part 2)

  1. Hiya. I have very curly hair and use the curly girl method too. I cannot unfortunately leave mine overnight as there is too much of it. But finally after 45 yrs, I’m loving my curls.

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