Heroes and Villains – Plus Size Cosplay!

Back in the summer one of my friends invited us to her 40th birthday celebrations – a Heroes and Villains party! As her birthday is Mid-December she wanted it booked in early before everyone’s Christmas parties etc. 4 months gave us AGES to plan (and make) our outfits! Although in reality we did most of it in November/December!
I had no idea what to go as – it could literally be any hero or villain (not just super ones!). So I looked to my existing wardrobe for some inspiration… There were 2 dresses I felt had potential… Either my Lindy Bop ‘Lana’ dress (currently £20.99) in their January sale!) for a Poison Ivy or Tinkerbell kinda thing:


(styled here for the Suffragette challenge I took part in on my old blog last year)
Or this Pin Up Girl harlequin print ‘Jenny’ dress (currently out of stock and in a different colour!!) for my own vintage take on a Harley Quinn kinda thing.


(I can’t find a picture of me wearing it…! I’ll add it to the list to blog about!😀)

The decision was basically made for me when I discovered the birthday girl was going as Harley Quinn (although on the night there were 4 of us dressed as Poison Ivy so obviously a popular choice!).

I ordered plastic ivy, fishnet tights and gloves from eBay (I figured it would be easier to thread the Ivy through the holes in the fishnet – I’m all about practicality!). I also ordered a long red wig. But as I couldn’t get my hair to stay hidden in it I went for red hair spray instead.

I painted some old boots (very old ones from TK Maxx in my pre-kids days) with Setacolor fabric paint in ‘Pearl Green’. They looked incredible! But they were a little bit sticky/tacky where the paint didn’t seem to dry completely – even though I painted them weeks beforehand.


The red hair flower was a Secret Santa gift from one of the lovely #Psblogger ladies (I don’t know who!) and was made by Rosadior who is very talented! It was a last minute addition to the outfit – I just wanted to wear it!


I started early with the makeup for fear of it looking shite and having to start again…but it looked pretty good on the first attempt! I guess having a green eye pencil and about 5 shades of green eyeshadow came in handy! I drew the outer leaf shapes first and then played around layering up the greens until I was happy. Then the usual flicks and layers of mascara to finish off.


Here’s the final outfit:



I’d planned to wear my corset underneath but changed my mind at the last minute because I couldn’t bend easily and I knew I would want to dance. I’m so pleased I did!
I also helped my husband with his outfit… We bleached and painted a charity shop suit and did a bit of liquid latex face make-up to create his Two Face outfit.


I flipping love dressing up!! 😍😍😍

I’d love to hear what you think of our outfits. Have you made your own fancy dress outfits?

Check out these other fancy dress/Cosplayers for inspiration:
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