Taking the plunge – 16 in `16!

So I’ve been sitting on this new blog name for a while and have been waiting for the right time to take the plunge…!
Busy Little Fee came up with the idea of sharing 16 goals to achieve during 2016 – which sounded like a perfect way to start! So here’s mine… (gulp!)

1. Focus
In terms of my ‘brand’ and what I want to say or achieve. I have a more appropriate name – Very Hungry Faterpillar is a much truer representation of who I am. I want to build on that. I hope to work on a design for a logo… Business cards… and perhaps my own domain towards the end of 2016. But baby steps for now, right?!

2. Discipline
So far I’ve be sporadic and uncoordinated in my blogging. Life outside of blogging has settled now (kids are a little older, I have a more rewarding job and a better work/life balance) so I hope I can make the time to blog. I plan to blog at least once a week. I will plan ahead. I will carry a notebook. I want to do this but I know wanting it isn’t enough. I need to ‘do’!


3. Work on my writing
This is as much about having confidence in my writing as it is about actually honing my technique! I feel like I ramble a lot and my writing lacks something. I’m married to a very talented writer (he writes captivating video game reviews) and I think his natural flare for writing can be a bit intimidating for sometimes! But it’s not a competition, is it, so I shouldn’t compare myself to him. We’re writing very different things – so I just need to relax and practice. With time I hope my writing style and confidence will improve.

4. Stop self-deprecating
I am constantly putting my blogging abilities down. I get embarrassed about my blog and Instagram being a bit shite, that people won’t like it or read it. It has to stop! I’m a big believer in “fake it til you make it” (a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy, innit?!) so I’m going to stop worrying about what people think and my own self-doubt and be a bit more bold in sharing my thoughts or (at least) my outfits. I’ve come a long way and I’d quite like to share it!

Which neatly leads me to the next collection of goals…
5. Be bold! Meet people!
I’ve been fairly involved and vocal online for a while but in 2015 I dipped a very tentative toe into actually meeting people in real life! I wouldn’t describe myself as particularly shy but the idea of masquerading as a “blogger” and feeling like a fraud filled me with fear. I found myself with an opportunity to attend a fashion show and a Christmas meet up and thought I might as well bite the bullet! The ladies I met were lovely and I didn’t feel completely like a fish out of water! I think that meeting people in real life helps to cement the relationships we start online so attending more events and meeting my virtual blogger friends will help to alleviate my anxieties!

6. Read more, Comment more
I want to spend more time reading blogs and making comments rather than just rushing through the Instagram or Twitter highlights. I want to have more meaningful engagement with fellow bloggers through their blogs, not just on Facebook. I’ve started to do this a bit more recently and I really enjoy it! I want to make it more of a habit in 2016!

7. Self-love
2 years ago I gave up smoking and began to take regular exercise. Over the last year I’ve upped my exercise classes to more challenging workouts and I also go more frequently. As a result I’m fitter, stronger, healthier and happier than I’ve been in years! I want to extend this self-care and self-love to time spent pampering and relaxing. I want to have a bath by candlelight. Paint my nails regularly. Have some professional beauty treatments. I think I deserve it!! ๐Ÿ˜„

8. Shoot me!
I want to do a proper photo shoot before I turn 35 in August. I paid a deposit for one about 18 months ago but personal circumstances prevented me from using annual leave on something as frivolous as a photo shoot for me! There was also probably a part of me that was making excuses… But I regret missing the opportunity so this year I want to put it right! I want to book something in before my birthday so I have a clear time frame so I don’t let the opportunity pass me by again.

9. Continue my Curly Girl journey
I wrote about the starting the Curly Girl routine on my old blog back in the summer. I’ve been following the no-shampoo co-wash method since then and it has been amazing! I haven’t wanted (or needed) to straighten my hair since I started! So I asked for the book for Christmas and now I’m hoping to read up and create a more bespoke method tailored to my hair type. It’s probably my biggest change in 2015 and I’ll forever be grateful to Caroline (Curvy Wordy) for helping me find my way!


10. Buy decent make-up
I tend to wear very minimal make-up, mainly through lack of time and skill. But also because I haven’t bought anything other than eye make-up in the last 7 years! This year I want to invest in a decent Base layer – foundation, highlighting, contouring whatever else you need to have a flawless face. I basically want my make-up to look a bit like Sam…! Especially since I saw her on film. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I need to look into it more, but I’m doing it this year!

11. Get out of my comfort zone!
I loved taking part in the “out of my comfort zone” challenge – it was exhilarating! Wearing a bikini on holiday was awesome! Nobody recoiled in horror! I intend to do it more this year…!

12. Ask for style advice
The bloggers I chat to have the most incredible style! I hope to learn from them by reading their blogs but I also want to ask them for tips and advice. I love my look but would like to try new things…Maybe I could get involved with more styling challenges?! (edit: since writing this I’ve just read Kathryn’s post which sums it up more eloquently than I have! – Thanks Kathryn! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜)

The rest have less to do with blogging and relate more to fulfilling my crafty needs…


Broaden my horizons
13. Learn to upolster
I bought a tatty old vintage sewing box in a charity shop recently and I had originally planned to decoupage it… But instead I’ve decided to try something new and try my hand at upolstery! I have no idea where to start so I’ve got myself a book and a staple gun… I’m putting together a list of everything else I’ll need. I’m excited to get started!

14. Get my sewing machine out
I made the pink flowery monster for my daughter’s first birthday… My son is 3 and I haven’t made him one. I know he’s not bothered but I feel bad. I want to make him something cool before he’s 4…!

15. Re-purpose old clothes
I have so many clothes. But I only ever wear about 20% of them. There are some pieces I keep just because I like the pattern on the fabric! I figured I could try and make something I might actually wear instead – even if it’s just a hair band!

16. Make jewellery and accessories for pleasure
I tried (and failed) to set up a small crafty business a few years ago. Making things to order or in duplicate didn’t appeal to my creative spontaneity so it kind of faded away… I loved making things but clearly not as a business venture. So this year I’ll just make things as I feel like it. For myself or as gifts without the pressure of being creative to order. I got a book on jewellery making for Christmas so that should give me some inspiration too!

So that’s my 16 in 16! All positive and enriching goals to help me make the most of 2016. And the start of a brand new blogging adventure! Exciting stuff!

There are lots of other fab bloggers taking part… Check out their posts too:
Murder of Goths

Happy New Year everyone! Xxx

6 thoughts on “Taking the plunge – 16 in `16!

  1. Some fab goals there hun. I once heard the term “fake it till you become it” which made more sense to me. We may not “make it” as such but if you live like a blogger and do like a blogger eventually u will become the awesome blogger that ur aiming to be (which I think u already are) Loved meeting up this year….Let’s do it more often xx


  2. Some awesome goals herรท hun. I once heard the termine “Fake it until you become it” which I seemed to relate to more. We may not all “make it” as such but if you work hard to do something you will eventually become the amazing blogger that your aiming for (which I already think u are). After all if u live like a blogger and do like a blogger then a blogger u are! Loved meeting up last year let’s it again xx


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